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Termination and Discipline – MyCPE Webinar

Letting an employee go is going to be unpleasant regardless, however, there are steps you as an employer can take to help you prepare. In this practical webinar, register to learn how you can make responsible, consistent decisions surrounding the termination and/or disciplining of employees. Topics that will be covered: How to avoid common legal [...]

Termination and Discipline – Law Practice CLE Webinar

The termination and discipline of employees can be tricky, especially from a legal standpoint. Join this Law Practice CLE webinar as we review important policies on how employers can make the best decisions with their employees. Topics that will be covered: At-Will Employment Discipline and Termination Policies & Decisions Layoffs & Furloughs Wrongful Termination Lawsuits [...]

Best Approaches and Practices for Employee Discipline and Termination – CPA Academy Webinar

In this practical webinar, you will learn how to make sound and defensible decisions about employee discipline and terminations, including how to avoid common legal pitfalls. Learning Objectives: Understand the concept of at-will employment Identify red flags in discipline and termination policies Make well-reasoned decisions on employee discipline and termination Understand when you cannot terminate [...]

I Wouldn’t Do That: Best Practices in Employee Discipline & Termination – Limitless Summit

Zoom is out. Virtual education and training has just made a huge technological leap and entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits. Now, not only can they learn in a non-zoom virtual environment, they can teach, lead, and even work side-by-side, bringing a sense of community, connection, and fun into the work-from-home experience. "Limitless" is a virtual replica of a [...]

At-Will or For Cause Termination

Employee Termination If your company plans to fire an employee, you may want to negotiate a severance agreement and liability waiver. Our team at Hackler Flynn & Associates will work closely with you and your team to make sure the provisions of those agreements protect your company [...]