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I Wouldn’t Do That: Best Practices in Employee Discipline & Termination – Limitless Summit

Zoom is out. Virtual education and training has just made a huge technological leap and entrepreneurs are reaping the benefits. Now, not only can they learn in a non-zoom virtual environment, they can teach, lead, and even work side-by-side, bringing a sense of community, connection, and fun into the work-from-home experience. "Limitless" is a virtual replica of a [...]

At-Will or For Cause Termination

Employee Termination If your company plans to fire an employee, you may want to negotiate a severance agreement and liability waiver. Our team at Hackler Flynn & Associates will work closely with you and your team to make sure the provisions of those agreements protect your company [...]

Assembly Bill 1947: 2021 Statute of Limitations for DLSE Complaints

In 2021, there are new updated employment laws that impact California employers. To shed light on these regulations, our 2021 Employment Law series is designed to help employers navigate these significant changes, like Assembly Bill 1947, so they can stay compliant with California law and thrive. California legislators have extended the statute of limitations [...]

Everything You Need To Know To Ensure Your Business Is Protected – Traininng Webinar

In this webinar with Traininng, we will go over the most up-to-date employment laws. Additionally, we will be covering everything you need to know through the hiring process all the way through termination. Upon completion, you will be able to: Spot legal landmines in job applications Craft legally compliant interview questions Protect the at-will relationship [...]

Best Approaches & Practices for Firing – Traininng

Terminating employees can be difficult. Find out the top mistakes business owners make and how to avoid them. In this webinar, you will learn about discipline and terminating employees. We will go over policies and how to make consistent decisions with your employees. We will also be covering layoffs and furloughs in the age of [...]

How To Terminate An Employee With Minimal Potential Liability

Terminating an employee can be a stressful endeavor for any employer for a lot of reasons, even if it’s necessary for the best interests of your business. The employer may be concerned about how the employee is going to react, how the rest of their staff is going to react, how to cover the [...]