As businesses continue to adapt during COVID-19, part of your plan should include an ‘addendum’ to your employee handbook. Codifying business expectations for work and behavior during the pandemic will give employees direction and provide clarity. The information provided in the ‘addendum’ will also guide employee accountability.

Topics for the addendum will depend on your business but may include the following:

  • COVID-19 Operating Protocols
    • Pandemic Response Team
    • Preventative Material Supplies
    • General Disinfection and Safety Measures
    • Deep Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol
    • Physical Distancing Protocol
    • On-Site Health Screening
    • Self-Quarantining and Return to Work Protocol
    • Visitor Restrictions
  • Employee Training and Return to Work Protocol
  • Telecommuting or Work-from-Home Policy
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Hour Reductions
  • Furloughs & Temporary Layoffs

Once an employee handbook ‘addendum’ is prepared, it should be reviewed by your attorney. When finalized, the addendum must be sent to employees for their signatures. 

In collaboration with Group50, we created a Reopening Your Business – Playbook, complete with resources such as a sample employee handbook ‘addendum’ and “Welcome Back” letter you can use for your employees. To download our Reopening Your Business – Playbook, please fill out the form below.

If your business needs assistance for your COVID-19 ‘addendum’, please contact Hackler Flynn and Associates.

Reopening Your Business Playbook

Our playbook contains resources such as a sample employee handbook ‘addendum’ and “Welcome Back” letter you can use for your employees. Download it now.

Reopening Your Business Playbook

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