Firing Employees

Having employees can be an incredibly rewarding experience – the time may come however, when you need to let an employee move on with their career to other new adventures.  Keep in mind these steps when you are considering firing one of your employees:

  • Ensure there a valid reason to fire the employee – Although California is an at-will state, ensure you are not violating any laws designated to protect an employee;
  • Get your documents together – ensure you have an accurate well-documented paper trail;
  • Keep the information about firing the employee confidential;
  • Arrange for a private meeting with the employee;
  • Don’t get personal with the employee;
  • Have the employee’s final paycheck with all accrued paid-time off ready;
  • Have the employee sign final paperwork;
  • Ask for any equipment back that was being used by the employee, such as keys, parking cards, etc.

Firing an employee can be tough, but remember it’s better to get rid of a bad employee sooner rather than later –the longer a bad employee stays on your staff, the more problems you encounter.  If you have any questions on the firing of an employee email me at and I will send you a checklist of final paperwork to go through with your employee and have them sign off on during the exit interview.