Hiring Employees

The top 12 things to keep in mind when hiring an employee include the following:

  • Have the potential employee complete an application;
  • Conduct an interview – ensure all questions asked during the interview process are legal and relate to the applicants qualifications;
  • Complete a background check on the potential new hire;
  • Offer the terms of employment and have employee sign such terms;
  • Ensure the employee is eligible to work in the United States by completing an IRS Form I-9;
  • Execute a confidentiality agreement with the employee;
  • Go over the employee handbook with the employee;
  • Go over the company’s rest break and meal period policy with the employee;
  • Provide non-exempt employees with wage theft act protection notice;
  • Report the new employee with the California Employment Development Department;
  • File a Federal Withholding form with the IRS (W-4); and
  • Add the employee to workers compensation insurance.

The top three things to remember when hiring for your business is, 1) document, 2) document and 3) document – ensure your employees are well-documented so if a lawsuit arises, you have an employee personnel file to refer to in your defense.  If you have any questions on the hiring employees email me at Cindy@HacklerFlynnLaw.com and I will send you a list of questions to ask and a list of questions not to ask during the interview with your potential new hire.