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How AB5 Affects: Freelance Writers

Despite Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) having been effective for more than 2 years, it still continues to be a heated topic in employment law. Its impact has been wide-reaching, affecting many industries and companies looking to hire outsourced individuals. As such, AB5 has made many organizations susceptible to misclassification lawsuits and liabilities. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how AB5 affects freelance writers, so read on to learn more about how you can navigate the complex AB5 landscape as an employer hiring freelance writers. What is Assembly Bill 5 (AB5)? Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) is a California [...]

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2022 Wage and Safety Enforcement Law Updates

Is your business up-to-date with the new employee wage and safety enforcement laws? These laws are there to protect both your business and your employees from workplace hazards or violations. As such, regardless of the type of business you own or the industry you are in, your business must be compliant. The new year means new wage and safety revisions and bills to look out for. Let’s dive into the three main employment law updates that went into effect this year. 1. Assembly Bill 1003 Before the passage of Assembly Bill 1003 (AB 1003), existing law defined the crime [...]

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2022 Employee Wage and Hour Law Updates

Employee wage and hour laws are crucial for all types of businesses. These laws were made to protect and remind employees of their rights while working in the labor force, and any employer who fails to provide their employees with the right wage and hour laws, as stated by their respective federal government, can be subject to large fines and penalties. To ensure employees are continuously upheld and protected, the California Legislature regularly revises and updates their wage and hour laws to fit the current economy. Here are the four main employee wage and hour employment law updates to [...]

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Guide To 2022 COVID-19 Related Laws

COVID-19 continues to be a prevalent issue worldwide and in the workplace. To keep California workers safe in their respective workplaces, legislation has passed multiple bills regarding COVID-19 workplace exposure, guidance, and vaccination regulations, several of which have already gone into effect. Here are the three main COVID-19 related employment laws that employers must be aware of in the new year. 1. Assembly Bill 654 Assembly Bill 685 (AB 685) established a COVID-19 notification framework for employers. When an employer receives notice of potential COVID-19 exposure, the employer must, within one business day, provide certain employees with written notice [...]

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Guide to 2022 California Employment Law Updates

Another legislative session has come to a close, and as expected, there is already a great deal of new law updates set to take effect on January 1, 2022. The California Legislature was presented with many challenges this past year, many pertaining to the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, and the governor saw several hundred bills pass his desk. Many of these bills will directly impact California employers in 2022. To help you prepare for these important changes, here is a guide to some of the new California employment laws that employers need to be aware of. California Family Rights Act [...]

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Discrimination Lawsuits: How Businesses Can Fight Back

We spend a great deal of our lives at our workplace. Everyone wants to work in an environment where they feel included and valued. In this ever-changing society, it has become more complicated for employers to provide the perfect work culture environment, and still tend to the bottom line of keeping the company’s doors open. Sometimes, an employee will feel he/she is being discriminated against and file a complaint against you with the EEOC. The best plan is a preventive one, where employers use rock-solid guidelines to prevent discrimination in any form. If you become the target of a [...]

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