So you take a deep breath and pull the key out of your pocket for the front door. You are starting up a new business. You have butterflies in your stomach, worries about your financial future, excitement about stepping out on your own, and more. You’ve looked around town, spent time considering a number of locations, rented some space, and even hired a person or two who believed in your dream. You have proudly filed papers with the state of California to be official, and you even have a new business card to show for it. Now your business card may say “President” or “Founder” or “CEO” as the title beneath your name, but you know better. You are also the bookkeeper, coffee-maker, janitor, supply orderer, and head cheerleader. You wear a lot of hats.

At Hackler Flynn & Associates, we get it.

We know you are overwhelmed with the responsibility and excitement of a new enterprise. Our firm of seven attorneys went through that, too. We know you certainly don’t have the budget to have an in-house legal team, but you still need rock-solid legal advice. That’s why we think the services we provide our clients are invaluable. We offer a complete legal team for you whenever you need us. Our team of attorneys has years of experience dealing with the complexities of California employment and business law. The beauty of what we do at Hackler Flynn & Associates is that you hire us when you need us. When you don’t, it is not a budget line item for the month.

Let’s face it: there are times you just need expert counsel and advice to make sure you are moving in the right legal direction for your business. The consequences of not ‘dotting the I’s’ and ‘crossing the T’s’ can be a killer for your business’s financial bottom line. You want to be sure to follow the rules and regulations of California’s legal code, and that includes the myriad of new laws that come out of each session of the California legislature. In just the last two sessions, there have been an enormous number of laws dealing with everything from immigration reform to gender signage to minimum wage hikes. You need to be protected from legal liability, and that’s one area where we can help you.

Maybe you need our team to look over contracts or decide what type of business works best for you. Maybe you have questions about the ever-changing California employment laws. Hopefully, you will never need us to defend you in a lawsuit, but we stand ready to be your advocate should the need arise.

We are here to offer entrepreneur legal advice.

We like to think of our team as your “outsourced in-house legal counsel” because we truly partner with you and your business. Again, you don’t pay for us unless you need us, but we work with you to understand your unique business needs. Our seven attorneys take pride in the personal attention we give our clients. We’d like to know how we can help you be successful in your new business adventure!

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