An attorney is a bit like a dentist, in that no one wants to go see them, but when they are hurting, they are grateful to have them on their side to relieve their pain.

It can be tempting, when faced with a lawsuit, to hire a big law firm in order to get the ‘fire power’ you want. You think the more lawyers you have working for you, the stronger your case will be before a judge or jury. But we’d like to give you a different perspective, from our years of helping clients in employment law, contracts, and lawsuits.

Benefits of Partnering with Hackler Flynn & Associates

Have you ever played the “Telephone Game”? It’s where someone whispers a sentence or two to a neighbor, who then retells it to the next person, and so on. By the end of the line, the original sentence has no resemblance to the final version. In some ways, hiring a big law firm is a bit like the Telephone Game. When the details and minutiae of your case are passed from attorney to assistant to law clerk to committee and back again, the important details may be missing. At Hackler Flynn & Associates, we deliver better results for you, because you are working with a small team of legal experts. We get to know you as well as your case so we can take our knowledge and give you the best advice possible in the shortest amount of time. You are our primary focus, so you get our undivided attention as we fight for your best interests.

Big firms can have big-name recognition nationally, but smaller firms have attorneys in front of judges and juries on a daily basis. It is important because we value building relationships with those who will ultimately have an impact on the legal decision. We are invested in our community, which means well-structured deals and court strategies that will give you comfort and confidence in your case.

At Hackler Flynn & Associates, we take the time we need to spend on you and your case. Big law firms are fragmented, in that their multiple attorneys and legal teams are working on several clients and issues simultaneously. This fragmentation may mean something falls through the cracks that could benefit your case. That’s why we spend the focused time to conference, strategize and fight for you, preparing a defense specifically designed for your unique circumstance.

Regardless of the size of your business, Hackler Flynn & Associates strives to be part of your business and develop new ways of applying the law for your benefit. We want you to feel legally protected as you create and grow your business. You may have an idea for a start-up business, or perhaps you are looking to expand and grow your current business. We want to protect you by ensuring that you have the right compliance agreements, policies, and procedures in place. Our enthusiastic and professional customer services provide you with continuing education so that you are aware of the latest rules and regulations that could impact the way you do business. Our attorneys are always ready to take your calls, in order to provide you smart legal counsel when it matters the most. It is important to us at Hackler Flynn & Associates to give you legal counsel that stands the test of time so that you can make intelligent and sustainable decisions for your business.

We view our relationship with you as a partnership, and would love the opportunity to connect with you to see if we can assist you!

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