Advice for small businesses to be sure they hire “well”

For a business to hire “well,” they must put in the time to plan for it. Small businesses especially cannot afford to hire someone that is a poor fit. Part of the hiring plan should include critically evaluating what the business needs from a potential candidate. This will translate into a customized job description that should include insight into your business culture. A targeted job description and advertisement will provide better quality candidates.

Another part of the hiring plan must include how to conduct the interview. Have specific questions regarding pertinent skills and personality fit. It is also recommended that you have a hiring team for interviews to provide diverse feedback.

Once you have narrowed the field to a few potential candidates make sure to check references. It is also helpful to seek “blind” references. These are people who have worked with the candidate but are not listed as references. Perform a background check to make sure there are no red flags.

Above all, be patient with the process and put in the time to plan and execute. This will make the process more successful in hiring “well”.

If your business needs assistance with hiring, please contact Hackler Flynn and Associates.

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