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Alexandra Buechner, Esq.


Alexandra Buechner, Esq. is a litigation attorney who has handled all types of unique and complex multiparty civil litigation cases in state and federal courts for over a decade. Ms. Buechner possesses significant experience in employment class action cases, complex railroad and public entity litigation, personal injury matters, multi-party construction defect litigation, defense of ADA Non-Compliance matters, as well as business, contract and real estate disputes. Her areas of practice include all aspects and phases of pre-litigation and litigation as well as appellate proceedings. Ms. Buechner pursues opportunities to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively and has negotiated hundreds of settlements on the plaintiff as well as the defense side. She is also experienced in various types of immigration proceedings and has successfully obtained various non-immigrant and immigrant visas as well as labor certifications.

Ms. Buechner is a German native and attended the Free University of Berlin in Berlin, Germany, where she obtained her law degree. She earned her LL.M. In U.S. Legal Studies at Whittier Law School and is licensed to practice law in the states of California and New York. During law school, Ms. Buechner has worked at various law firms and courts in Germany. For over 9 years, Ms. Buechner has worked at the law firm of Krutcik & Georggin where she has handled hundreds of litigated matters. She has passionately and successfully handled a variety of cases from small civil disputes to large, multi-party complex class actions.

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