COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges to non-essential businesses reopening across the country. With so many aspects of the global economy disrupted, the decisions you make in the next 90 days will define the future of your business.

Leadership will need to think through the re-opening process and define how to operate their business over the next 90-day period. Your protocols will need to identify actions for any potential issues, such as employees not wanting to come back to work and resistance to safety procedures and protocols. When creating your 90-day tactical plan, it is important to remember that in light of a significant emotional event such as this, your organization needs a robust change in management. Do not be afraid to be innovative and transformative.

Your 90-day tactical plan should concentrate on:

  1. Reopening – Setting up the appropriate safety measures and protocols to ensure workforce health
  2. Organizational needs – Who you need to run lower volume day to day operations and who you put on innovative and transformative projects
  3. Market Insight – Understanding your customers’ needs, plans, and strategies
  4. For more insight into the other key areas to include in your plan, check out Group50’s take on the 90-day tactical plan.

Make sure to involve all your departments and employees in this plan. Doing so will provide them with a clearer insight into the future of the business and align them with what the business needs to do in the next 90-day period.

In collaboration with Group50, we created a Reopening Your Business – Playbook, detailing the steps you should take to ensure a safe reopening as well as resources such as a sample employee handbook ‘addendum’ and “Welcome Back” letter you can use for your employees. To download our Reopening Your Business – Playbook, please fill out the form below.

If you need assistance with reopening your business, please contact Hackler Flynn & Associates.

Reopening Your Business – Playbook

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