About Us

An Employment Law Firm

About Us

We are an experienced business and employment defense law firm.  We are located in Pasadena, California. Importantly, our team is dedicated to protecting businesses by putting the right contracts and agreements in place.  Similarly, we are committed to defending businesses and business owners who find themselves in litigation.  For instance, our litigation practice includes resolving lawsuits all over Southern California.  Additionally, Hackler Flynn & Associates is a certified Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) and Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB). In short, our Attorneys have over 75 years of combined experience practicing law and representing businesses across California.

Wide Range of Clients

As a business and employment defense law firm, we represent diverse businesses.  We protect and defend all types of businesses.  For example, businesses may either be located in Southern California or doing business in Southern California. In addition, our clients are in all types of industries.  Moreover, they are in all sizes, ranging from start-ups to multi-generational family-owned businesses, all the way to major corporations. To sum up, we pride ourselves on our ability to create valuable, meaningful, and long-lasting legal relationships with each and every client. Above all, at Hackler Flynn & Associates, our philosophy centers around providing legal advice with a personal touch.

Client Support

Hackler Flynn & Associates believes growth is the key to every business. We support our clients to achieve this growth and we work hard to ensure each and every case handled by our firm gets the attention to detail and care that it deserves. Therefore, you can focus on your business and have peace of mind that your matter is handled.  Above all, we provide honest and carefully researched legal advice which allows you to make the best decision for you, your employees, and most importantly, your business.

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Cindy Flynn and Michelle Jorden discussing employment law and defending businesses