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If you own a business you probably have enough on your plate.  Our job is defending business owners. See our services on how we protect and defend business owners. Depending on the size of your company, you may be the one doing sales, operations, IT support, managing employees and so much more.  Every business has its challenges so let us handle all of your legal needs.  You might be dealing with issues relating to one or more of the following:

  • A human resource or employee issue;
  • Considering a possible merger or acquisition;
  • Dealing with learning and implementing new regulations;
  • Changing the organizational structure of your company;
  • Needing licensing agreements;
  • Having a contract drafted or reviewed;
  • Real estate issues and leases;
  • Trademark/branding problems;
  • Insurance
  • And then there’s litigation.

Yet you, as the business owner, should be able to focus on your tasks within your business so you can grow and share the success of that growth with your family and with your team.

Whether you are a brand new business owner or an established business, the experienced legal team at Hackler Flynn & Associates can provide efficient and effective solutions on issues that arise from running the day to day operations.  Our comprehensive counsel will keep you apprised of ever-changing industry regulations in order to keep your operations running as fluid as possible. A top priority at Hackler Flynn & Associates is to focus on your best interests and bottom line concerns, so that you can focus on generating more success.

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