Additional Resources

Guide to AB 5

See why businesses are getting fined thousands of dollars for worker misclassification. This handbook provides everything you need to know about employee classification.

Worker Misclassification

Gain a better understanding of the liabilities associated with misclassifying workers as independent contractors.

How to Set Up a Tax-Exempt

Setting up a non-profit? Download our guide on forming a tax-exempt Non-Profit organization in California.

Reopening Your Business

Access this reopening playbook that lays out the best approach to reopening your business and how to communicate this to your employees.

Response Plan

Ensure the health and safety of your employees with our sample contingency plan that outlines what to do if and when someone tests positive for COVID-19 in the workplace.

Guide to
AB 685

Do you know what notice requirements you must give your employees in the event of a COVID-19 exposure in the workplace? See our guide on the regulations you need to know.

Acquiring a Business

Where does one start with acquiring a business? Learn which documents you need to have on hand with our straightforward checklist.

Managing Remote Employees

Managing remote employees doesn’t have to be so complicated. Download this checklist to learn everything you need to know about written policies, compensations, and equipment.

ADA Compliance

ADA-compliant websites offer equal accessibility options to those with visual and hearing disabilities. Make sure your website is ADA-compliant with our checklist.

Hiring Employees

Looking to hire a new employee? Download our Hiring Checklist, which includes a list of over 30 important documents that California employers must provide their employees.

Terminating Employees

Download our Termination Checklist to get a comprehensive list of the documentation and actionable items you need to prepare when firing an employee.

Employment Compliance

See our 18-Point Employment Compliance Checklist to make sure you are staying compliant with all employee compensation, mandatory documents, and HR items.

Business Compliance

Stay up-to-date with our 22-Point Business Compliance Checklist to foster compliance and safeguard your business against lawsuits.

Purchasing a business

Purchasing a Business

See our Purchasing a Business Checklist to get a full list of the steps, documentation, and actionable items you need to prepare when looking to buy a business.

Starting a Business

Prepare your new business for success and prevent future liabilities and litigation with our Starting A Business checklist covering key actionable items and documentation.

SB 1162 Compliance Guide - Hackler Flynn Law

Guide to SB 1162 Compliance 

SB 1162 is a California state law requiring employers to report new demographic and pay data. Download this comprehensive guide on the latest requirements to stay compliant. 


Selling a Business

Explore our comprehensive due diligence checklist to understand the essential steps involved in legally selling a business.

PAGA Handbook

PAGA Compliance Handbook

Download our handbook to better understand the specific PAGA violations to take proactive measures to maintain a lawful, ethical, and productive work environment.