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What Does Family and Medical Leave Look Like in California in 2022?

The COVID-19 pandemic made it abundantly clear to business owners and employers that life is uncertain, and sometimes a change in circumstances will require you or your employees to take extended time away from work. Whether it be medical complications, a pregnancy, or caretaking for a sick family member, California employers must adhere to leave requests by honoring employee rights stated in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA).  Family or medical leave can be a foreseen or unforeseen situation and typically takes more administrative preparation from employers than paid time off or [...]

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What to Know About the California Local Minimum Wage Increase

California’s minimum wage has steadily increased over the last several years. Even as recently as January 2022, there was an overall increase in minimum wage applied across the state. The statewide minimum wage will increase again beginning January 1, 2023, from $15 to $15.50. Additionally, some California employers are subject to specific local minimum wage ordinances that are higher than the state minimum wage.  To prepare your business and stay up to date with the minimum wage changes in your municipality, please review the following rate updates:  California New Minimum Wage Increases Below is a list of California’s municipalities that [...]

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What AB5 Looks Like in 2022

Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) has been effective for 2 years and continues to be a heated topic in employment law. The law is wide-reaching and applies to all industries and companies in California. As employers continue to navigate AB5 and the updates to it over the years, many organizations have been hit with misclassification lawsuits and liabilities that threaten their financial stability and integrity.  To help you better understand the most recent changes to AB5 and how they may affect your business, we’ve put together an updated version of everything you need to know about AB5 in 2022. What is [...]

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5 Interview Topics That Employers Need To Avoid

The recruitment and interviewing process can be stressful for all parties involved. While employers are focused on bringing on the best new talent by asking the right questions, the interviewee is hoping to make the best first impression with their answers.  While it is important to identify the right fit that adds value to your team by asking thorough questions, there are many different sensitive topics that employers need to approach with caution when conducting interviews. To help you avoid Human Resources (HR) violations and other potential legal conflicts, we highly recommend leaving these 5 interview question topics out [...]

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How much will a lawsuit cost me?

Lawsuits can typically be a lengthy process with multiple fees, but do you know how much it will actually cost your business if someone sues you? Read on below to understand the different factors that go into determining litigation costs and better prepare yourself and company. What are Litigation Costs? Litigation costs are the overall amount of money you would spend on a lawsuit. It includes costs related to the trial preparation and the costs for the actual trial itself. Examples of litigation costs include but are not limited to attorney and paralegal fees, expert witness, consultant, private investigator, [...]

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What You Need to Know About 32 Hour Workweeks

As employees return to the office after two years of remote work due to the pandemic, efforts to reduce the work time during the workweek have gained steam. California legislation is on the frontline of this change, with a new bill that reduces the standard workweek to 32 hours – without any reduction in employee pay. This provides a mandated three-day weekend all year round. Sounds nice? Here’s what you need to know about this new bill. Assembly Bill 2932 Short workweeks may become a reality for employees in California due to Assembly Bill 2932 (AB2932). On March 24, [...]

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