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Guide to 2023 California Employment Law Updates

With the start of the 2023 legislative session, California employers face a dynamic set of legal requirements in response to the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the current employment environment. The recent legislative session in California has resulted in the passage of several hundred bills that address concerns about pay equity, discrimination, and industry-specific rights.  By staying informed on the most recent law updates, California employers can take proactive steps to ensure compliance and protect their business interests. Here are the most important employment law changes that employers need to know for 2023:     Family and Medical Leave [...]

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Employee Monitoring and Invasion of Privacy Lawsuits: A Guide For California Employers

COVID-19 was a catalyst for the widespread adoption of a remote-work business model and prompted many employers to implement tracking and monitoring measures to ensure worker productivity. These measures may include GPS tracking of employee work devices and vehicles, website and application activity and login monitoring (i.e. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, time trackers, etc.), and even tracking social media and internet activity to see if they are being used for non-work purposes. Consequently, these measures have also sparked discussion amongst California workers regarding invasion of privacy and are leading to serious lawsuits.  While employers have a legal obligation to [...]

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COVID-19 Rules & Regulations In The Workplace in 2023

COVID-19 restrictions have relaxed within the past year but the virus remains a top concern in the workplace. Employee apprehensions about health and safety measures vary drastically which has put many employers in potentially sticky situations both morally and legally. If you are an employer still grappling with questions like “can I require my employees to wear a mask in the office?” or “am I allowed to require full vaccination for employees?,” you are not the only one.  As we approach what will be the fourth year of the pandemic, various bills have been passed to offer guidelines for employers [...]

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How California is Fighting for Pay Equity

California is at the forefront of the push to close the wage gap between genders and address salary inequality. Senate Bill 1162 (SB-1162), was recently signed as a broad pay transparency and data reporting bill. SB-1162 makes it so employers must disclose the pay scale for any posted job listings. The motivation for this bill is to prevent employers from underpaying employees, establish pay equity, and stop the unfair wage gap. This recent legislation is just one of many for the fight towards establishing equal pay for employees with the same job description or title regardless of age, race, [...]

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Mental Health & The Workplace: A Guide For Employers

Mental health is important for your employees as well as your business and although mental health is not necessarily a new topic for employers, its role in the workplace has become more pronounced during the pandemic as employees adjusted to a “new normal” in their professional lives. Many organizations are aware of the pandemic’s threat to their workers' mental state and have increasingly implemented policies and initiatives that advance the discussion around mental health at work. However, kindness and good intent toward improving your employees' psychological health through office perks like healthy snacks and subsidized gym memberships are not the [...]

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What Does Family and Medical Leave Look Like in California in 2022?

The COVID-19 pandemic made it abundantly clear to business owners and employers that life is uncertain, and sometimes a change in circumstances will require you or your employees to take extended time away from work. Whether it be medical complications, a pregnancy, or caretaking for a sick family member, California employers must adhere to leave requests by honoring employee rights stated in the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA).  Family or medical leave can be a foreseen or unforeseen situation and typically takes more administrative preparation from employers than paid time off or [...]

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