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What is the ABC Test?

The ABC test is a guide for employers to determine whether a worker is considered an independent contractor or an employee in the eyes of the government. With the rise of the gig economy, the ABC test has become more prominent in business.

The California Supreme Court issued a ruling on January 14,2021 that the Dynamex ABC rule of determining employee status would be applied retroactively. This means that any pending cases regarding employee status and the dispersal of benefits will be judged based on the California ABC rule, and not the Borello Multifactor Test that was in place before the ABC rule.

The court ruling has reshaped California’s worker classification landscape in an attempt to make compliance easier for employers. Although these legal challenges and subsequent legislation were designed to clarify the rules, they have only complicated the issue even further.

A misclassification lawsuit can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s probably not a matter of “if”, but a matter of “when” if you have an independent contractor working for you.

In this online CE course, you will learn about classifying people as independent contractors. We will be covering Dynamex, AB5, the exemptions associated with AB5, and the newest laws regarding independent contractors. You will learn the ABCs of AB5, including practical tips for navigating its impact on your workforce.

Key topics covered in this online CPE webinar:

  • Overview of AB5 and AB 2257
  • Exceptions to the ABC test
  • Independent contractor agreement
  • Misclassification exposure

This course is eligible for 1 CPE credit, 1 PDC credit, or 1 General Education credit.

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