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New Changes Following AB5 and Proposition 22 – CPA Academy Webinar

California's worker classification landscape has been altered by legislation and judicial judgments in an attempt to make compliance easier for employers. Despite the fact that these legal challenges and subsequent laws were intended to clarify the laws, they may have merely added to the complexity of the situation. In this webinar, learn more about employment [...]

Everything You Need To Know To Ensure Your Business Is Protected – Traininng Webinar

In this Traininng Webinar, we will be covering the most up-to-date employment laws, everything from interviewing and hiring to discipline and termination. Asking the right questions in a job interview can be tough, especially when the person asking the questions is not trained to know the limits of what they can ask. Terminating employees can [...]

Interviewing Do’s & Don’ts – CPA Academy Webinar

Recruiting the right people and asking the proper questions can be tricky, especially if the individual asking the questions doesn't have the proper direction in what they should be asking. In this webinar with CPA Academy, we'll cover the top 5 mistakes businesses make when it comes to interviewing, as well as how to make [...]

Building the Best Employee Handbook – CPA Academy Webinar

Through this practical webinar, become an expert on creating an employee handbook with policies and procedures that protect your and your employees' rights. Leaving the webinar, you will be able to: Make sure your employees are aware of your expectations and policies. Ensure that all state and federal wage and hour laws are being followed. [...]

Best Approaches & Practices for Firing – Traininng Webinar

The “Best Approaches & Practices for Firing” webinar, hosted by Traininng, will address all you need to know about the discipline and termination of employees. We will go through policies and how to make decisions with your employees that are fair and consistent. Areas that will also be covered include how to handle layoffs and [...]

Employee Leave – CPA Academy Webinar

Recently, we've received a lot of inquiries centered around employee leave. In this CPA Academy webinar, we'll go over FMLA and CFRA, as well as reasonable accommodations and the interactive process. We will also be taking any questions throughout the webinar.

Legal Updates – Marsh Insurance Webinar

There are many new laws that impact California employers in 2021. Whether these are new to you or you're looking for a refresher, join our webinar with Marsh Insurance as we cover the most significant 2021 employment laws to keep in mind, including: Required Sexual Harassment Training Best Practices for Returning to Work New Wage [...]

Firing Employees Safely – Traininng Webinar

Letting an employee go is never pleasant, but there are ways to confront it in a professional and fair manner to ensure you do not put your business at risk. Tune into this webinar with Traininng, where we will be covering everything you need to know about discipline and terminating employees. We will go over policies [...]

Leave Compliance: Employment Law 101 – SHRM Meeting Panelist

California’s leave laws are among the most challenging for employers to comply with and manage. Tune into Hackler Flynn & Associates as a panelist for SHRM's webinar on leave compliance and its impact on California employers. We'll cover best practices, FMLA, and more to ensure you have the right tools to get compliant.