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Exempt & Non Exempt Employees

This will be a Zoom Webinar. Do you know the difference between exempt and non-exempt employees? Wrongful misclassification of employees can lead to lawsuits and big judgments against the employer. In this practical webinar, we will be discussing the details around exempt and non-exempt employees and how each classification may impact you and your organization. [...]

New Changes Following AB5 and Prop 22 – CPA Academy Webinar

Legislation and judicial decisions have changed California’s worker classification environment in an attempt to make compliance easier for employers. Although these legal challenges and subsequent laws were intended to clarify the current laws, they may have only contributed to the situation’s complexity. Learning Objectives: Recall employment classifications in California Identify the uses of independent contractors [...]

Interviewing Do’s & Don’ts – Traininng Webinar

You will walk away from this webinar with Traininng with important advice on how to better recruit, interview, and hire qualified employees for your business. Upon course completion, you will be able to: Spot legal landmines in job applications Craft legally compliant interview questions Protect the at-will relationship Understand how to classify employees as exempt [...]

When Social Media and Employment Law Collide – CPA Academy

Join CPA Academy in this informative webinar as we address the rights of employees and employers regarding posting on social media. Discussions will include what to know about employer accessing, monitoring, and disciplining employees, and more.

When Social Media and Employment Law Collide – Clear Law Institute

This webinar will provide an overview around the rights that employees and employers have when it comes to social media posting. From what to know about accessing, monitoring, and disciplining employees, to social media discovery in litigation to how the National Labor Relations Act relates, will be discussed.

Best Approaches & Practices for Firing – Traininng Webinar

Tune into this practical webinar hosted by Traininng to discover all you need to know regarding employee discipline and termination. We'll review the related policies and how to make the best decisions with your employees. How to handle layoffs and furloughs in the age of COVID-19 and wrongful termination will also be discussed. Learning Objectives: [...]

California and Federal Employee Leave – CPA Academy Webinar

In this informative, 50-minute webinar, attendees will be able to have a better understanding of California employees' leave rights, as well as federal leave, and how to avoid frequent legal issues surrounding this. Learning Objectives: Identify the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) and regulations Summarize the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and regulations Identify [...]

PTO Policies

This will be a Zoom Webinar. Recently, we’ve received many inquiries centered around employee leave and paid time off policies. It is important for employers to have carefully drafted PTO policies that outline how employees go about requesting paid time off, and how each policy is implemented across all employees. In this practical webinar, you [...]

Company Culture

This will be a Zoom Webinar. Company culture is one of the most important things that employees look for when deciding which jobs to take. It refers to the values, beliefs and social environment of a business that drive employee performance. Employers who take time to invest in and prioritize their company culture will be [...]

Performance Evaluations

This will be a Zoom Webinar. How often do you evaluate your employees based on performance? Performance evaluations are important to the success of your business because they work as a guide on how to help each employee reach their peak performance. In this practical webinar, we will be going over: How often you should [...]

Employment Law 101

This will be a Zoom Webinar. In this webinar, we will go over the most up-to-date employment laws, what you need to know to run a business, and the employee structures you need to put in place before hiring. We will be covering everything you need to know through the hiring process all the way [...]