For whatever reason, it just seems like arguing is a part of life. As children, we may argue with our sibling about who stole my sweater to wear to school, or whose turn is it to take out the trash or unload the dishwasher.

But when it comes to your business, it can have far-reaching implications. Your bottom line and your ability to stay in business can be seriously impacted by litigation. You may be sued by a former customer or vendor, or you may be suing a vendor for not performing what was specified in your agreement. Either way, a lawsuit can have further repercussions. It can erode goodwill that you have built up in your community, and in the overall reputation of your business.

At Hackler Flynn, we think it is important to get strong legal counsel that will give you a comprehensive strategy moving forward, so you get the legal resolution you want without the reputation damage.

United Breaks Guitars

In thinking about this, one story comes to mind. While this issue didn’t end up in court, it serves as a cautionary tale to companies who may have a disgruntled customer. As you know, United Airlines has had its fair share of bad publicity lately. A doctor was dragged off a flight because United wanted his seat for a member of their crew who was trying to get to another city. On another United flight, a dog died when a disinterested flight attendant put the carrier up in the overhead bin.

But in 2009, a country music band was flying from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Nebraska, with a stopover at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. A woman sitting behind the band members saw the baggage handlers flinging guitar cases haphazardly. The band knew the guitars were theirs and asked United in Chicago to check on their instruments, only to be met with indifference. Turns out, the lead singer’s $3500 Taylor guitar was broken at the neck and unusable. All he asked for from United was $1200 in travel vouchers in order to compensate him, and United refused…for 12 months. That gave him time to write a song that went viral, and has now been viewed more than 18 million times!

If you watch the video, yes – you will have that song stuck in your head for days. The point is that this problem did not have to get to this far. Had the company addressed it head-on (mediation), the song never would have been written and United’s reputation (as of that time) would have been salvaged.

At Hackler Flynn, we work hard to make sure your reputation stays strong, so your business can as well. We can assist you in proceeding with a legal strategy that considers all possibilities. We have a wide variety of services that can help you with:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Settlement conferences
  • Trials

We also understand that litigation can be a “make it or break it” for your business. At Hackler Flynn, our areas of expertise include:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Commercial and Business Torts
  • Employer/Employee Agreements (wage and hour, harassment, workplace accidents, discrimination, wrongful termination, disputes)
  • Trade Secrets
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty/Disclosure/Confidentiality
  • Complex Disputes Between Corporations

We know arguments are unsettling and that it is important to get good counsel in order to have effective dispute resolution. At Hackler Flynn, we provide active guidance and timely, intelligent responses to your concerns. We are here to assist you: contact us to let us know how to help!

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