I was invited as a guest on Exit Coach Radio to discuss the newest employment law changes for California employers to know, focusing particularly on the most important of all – AB5.

AB5 codifies and expands the Dynamex “ABC” test. Currently, the Dynamex test considers all workers to be employees and permits the classification of a worker as an independent contractor only if the hiring business satisfies certain conditions. However, starting 2020, AB5 will expand the test to cover the entire Labor Code and Unemployment Insurance Code, as well as exempt certain occupations.

With California signing AB5 into law, the gig economy will feel the greatest impact. What really worries me are the small businesses that don’t have $100 million to fight potential lawsuits. If you’d like to learn more about how the law will impact small and large businesses, and hear me discuss which occupations are exempt, and how to avoid misclassifications, listen to my full interview below.

Listen to our episode

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