Paycheck Stub Review

Pay stubs, also called “wage statements,” are a common target of wage and hour lawsuits. If they are deficient, the proof is directly on the face of the documents. Using pay stubs, the plaintiffs suing in a class or representative action could subject your company to steep penalties.

Pay Stub Requirements

Under Section 226.2, nine items must be on every pay stub:

  • Gross Wages Earned During the Pay Period

  • Total Hours Worked During the Pay Period

  • Number of Piece-Rate Units Earned and Piece-Rates, If Any

  • All Deductions from Wages

  • Net Wages Earned During the Pay Period

  • Inclusive Dates of the Pay Period (Start and End Dates)

  • Employee’s Name and Last Four of SSN, or Employment ID Number

  • Full Name and Address of Legal Entity of Employer

  • All Applicable Hourly Rates During the Pay Period and Amounts Paid at Each Hourly Rate

California’s wage statement requirements are extensive. However, our experienced employment attorneys can review your company’s statements and advise you on any changes needed to comply with the laws.

Whether you are just starting a brand new company, run a “mom & pop” business, or already have a large established corporate enterprise, we are here to grow with you and meet your legal needs.

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