Hackler Flynn Law Podcast

Employment Law – Company Forces you to take a Pay Cut, Terminating Employees, Furloughs? What to do Next… Podcast with Cindy Flynn

August 4, 2020

What to do Next…

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Biggest mistakes companies make when terminating employees
  • Being terminated in the right to work state
  • Things to consider before you terminate
  • Document – Document – Document
  • Are there different rules for people in protected classes?
  • Right it by a jury first before making a decision
  • And much more…

To learn more about Employment Law, visit The Offer with Michael Glinter

The Staying Power Podcast with Cindy Flynn

July 28, 2020

How to Avoid Getting Sued as an Employer, Struggles of Managing Employees in a Virtual Environment, and More with Cynthia Hackler Flynn, Esq.

In today’s episode, we discuss:

  • Common mistakes employers make with employees
  • Creating an employee handbook
  • Accountability and time logs for a remote workforce
  • Hiring right to help avoid employee issues

To learn more about the Staying Power Collective, a group for aspiring and current virtual firm owners on a mission to grow their firms, visit https://www.stayingpowercollective.com/

How To Prevent Employment Litigation Cases

July 27, 2020

Tune in this episode to hear Attorney Cynthia Hackler Flynn of Hackler Flynn & Associates, APC. walks through steps that entrepreneurs can take to prevent potential disputes and lawsuits raised by employees: -Employment Handbooks -Employee Training (Anti Sexual Harassment Training, Sensitivity Training,…) -Timekeeping Procedure -Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification & implications for Employer and Managers in court -Company Structure: Hierarchy for Incident/Harassment Reporting -COVID19 reopening procedure -At-will Employment Law in California vs. Employment Agreement and Termination Procedure -Anti Discrimination Law.

The host of this episode was Dr. Petra Deeter. Learn more…

B2B Marketing During COVID-19 with Cindy Flynn

April 21, 2020

CEO, Austin LaRoche, talks with our client, Cindy Flynn of Hackler Flynn & Associates, about how she has adapted their marketing strategy for the COVID-19 era.

Insuraserv T.V. Employment Law Attorney Answers 5 Latest Coronavirus FAQ’s – Why you need EPLI

April 3, 2020

Employment Law Attorney Answers 5 Latest Coronavirus FAQ’s – Why you need EPLI Video #2 of the Coronavirus Series where we discuss Employment Matters that California Employers are facing. Employment Attorney Cynthia Flynn , the founder of Hackler, Flynn and Associates explains the importance of having an Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).

Happy Employees

As part of my Happy Employees Video Series, I interviewed Cindy Flynn of Hackler, Flynn & Associates. She runs an employment practice firm representing employees in Southern California. We address hiring issues along with other issues employers encounter.

1099 Employees

Law Offices of Donald P. Schweitzer

In this segment, Don, Casey, and Cindi Hackler Flynn, Esq. discuss recent changes to the law related to 1099 employees and mandatory sexual harassment training.

Exit Coach Radio Show

The Show Host, Bill Black, interviews top business advisors & authors who share their tips, ideas and precautions for business owners. Tune in to hear me discuss planning strategies that are important for business owners like you to grow & protect the value of your business, especially during this health crisis.

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