Project Description

Alexandra Buechner, Esq. is a Litigation and Corporate Law Attorney at Hackler Flynn & Associates, APC, who has handled all types of unique and complex multiparty civil litigation cases in state and federal courts for over a decade.

Since 2014, associate attorney Alexandra Buechner has worked with a variety of businesses to develop the business documents necessary to protect their interests. She provides legal advice in all areas of business development and addresses clients’ diverse day-to-day business needs. Her expertise includes entity formation and structuring, negotiation of business, vendor and employment agreements, preparation of form contracts, contract management, and business purchase and sale negotiations and deal-making. Ms. Buechner protects clients’ businesses so that they can focus on growth.

Ms. Buechner represents a large number of industries, including: E-commerce, Technology Companies, Restaurants, Insurance, Service Providers, and Medical Providers.

Contracts are a necessary component of any business. Whether it is between the client and their suppliers, customers, strategic partners, or their employees, it is important to memorialize the terms of the agreement in a formal contract. Ms. Buechner works with businesses to draft contracts and ensure their interests are protected, including: Merger and Acquisition Agreements, Manufacturer and Distributor Agreements, Employment Contracts, Lease Agreements, Service Agreements, Distribution Agreements, License Agreements, Packing Agreements, and Master Services Agreements.

When business disputes occur, Ms. Buechner guides business owners through these disagreements. Whether it is a dispute between partners, suppliers, distributors, employees, or customers, she works to protect the client’s legal interests, including but not limited in the following disputes: Breach of Contract Disputes and Commercial Litigation, Employer/Employee Disputes, Non-Compete Disputes, and Shareholder and Officer and Director Disputes

Ms. Buechner is a German native and attended the Free University of Berlin in Berlin, Germany, where she obtained her law degree. She earned her LL.M. In U.S. Legal Studies at Whittier Law School and is licensed to practice law in the states of California and New York. During law school, Ms. Buechner has worked at various law firms and courts in Germany. For over 9 years, Ms. Buechner has worked at the law firm of Krutcik & Georggin where she has handled hundreds of litigated matters. She has passionately and successfully handled a variety of cases from small civil disputes to large, multi-party complex class actions.

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