The restaurant industry mirrors many of the same legal challenges as any business owner, such as issues relating to:

  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Labor and employment regulations;
  • Organizational structuring;
  • Licensing agreements and contracts;
  • Real estate and leases;
  • Trademark/branding;
  • Insurance and litigation.

Yet the restaurant industry also has its own unique workplace issues, such as servers dodging oncoming trays, knife-wielding kitchen staff prepping and preparing food, and additional regulations not applicable to most other businesses. Whether you are a single restaurant operator or an established franchisor, the experienced legal team of Hackler Flynn & Associates can provide efficient and effective solutions to issues that arise from running the day-to-day operations in the food industry.

Our comprehensive counsel will keep you apprised of ever-changing industry regulations in order to keep operations running as fluid as possible. A top priority at Hackler Flynn & Associates is to focus on our clients’ best interests and bottom line concerns, so they can focus on generating more success.

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