Employer considerations when providing equipment and resources

What an employer provides their remote worker will be very job-specific.  However, here in California, Section 2802 of the California Labor Code requires employers to reimburse their employees for the reasonable and “necessary” expenses they incur in direct consequence of discharging their job duties.  So, as an employer, it is important to look at what laws may apply to providing equipment to your remote workers.

Additionally, an employer needs to consider the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines.  OSHA currently does not enforce federal regulations for employers to follow when their employees work from home.  However, an OSHA Compliance Directive exists for home-based worksites or areas of an employee’s personal residence where the employee performs work for the employer.  This means that an employer must make sure that any equipment provided to workers is in good condition.  Poor equipment can lead to unnecessary work-related accidents (i.e. fires).

A case study of remote work with Hackler Flynn & Associates

Hackler Flynn & Associates is a California law firm that has been set up for remote work years before COVID-19.  We are also primarily a paperless office. 

What equipment do we provide?

Employees use their own computers and phones for remote work.  However, they are supported by staff with equipment at the office.  If employees need additional equipment at home, a request is made.

What other resources/tools do we provide?

Hackler Flynn & Associates offers employees a full suite of tools to successfully work remotely.  These include:

  • Secure web-based timekeeping
  • Secure web-based document management
  • Web-based phone application
  • Video Conferencing application
  • Secure web-based HR
  • Tech support 

What do we require, if anything, from employees in terms of their own home office setup?

Employees working from home must designate a workspace that is maintained in a safe condition, free from hazards.  We also require that employees take all precautions necessary to secure company information and equipment in his/her home and to prevent unauthorized access to any company system or information.  Employees must password protect access on their home computers, laptops, and cell phones to keep work information confidential. Further, employees will set their cell phones to lock automatically after one (1) minute of inactivity and their home/laptop computers to lock automatically after five (5) minutes of inactivity.

 Do we provide a stipend for, or reimburse expenses for, office supplies? Why/why not?

Hackler Flynn & Associates offer employees a stipend for phone and internet connection.  If there are any other office expenses, an employee would place it on their monthly expense report for reimbursement. 

Hackler Flynn & Associates reimburses all reasonable and “necessary” expenses employees incur because of job duties.  This is not only a company policy but is also the law under California Labor Code Section 2802.

If you need assistance or further information, please contact Cynthia Flynn at Hackler Flynn & Associates.

Managing Remote Employees Checklist

Fill out the form below to download an employer checklist for Managing Remote Employees, created to help you stay compliant with California’s employment law.

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